The school guide is a compact guide which gives you a wide range of information about Kandinsky College, though for the most part you can also find this information on the website. In it you will find, for example our school vision and values; ‘What we stand for’ and ‘What motivates us’, as well as how we facilitate learning. At Kandinsky College we aim to provide a modern approach to learning and thus provide an education which is focused on the future and enhancing 21st century skills. A school’s objective is to provide an environment in which pupils can learn, yet we believe learning is much more than just going to lessons, doing homework and achieving high marks. We believe learning is discovering and developing your talents and abilities. Moreover learning is pushing the boundaries and finding out what you are made of, and this should be done in a safe and pleasant working environment. At Kandinsky College we aim to help pupils identify their talents and nurture them.

School guide content

You can find the lesson timetable in the Kandinsky School guide. It shows which subjects are given and for how many hours per week, and per year. You can also see ‘who is who’.

In it you can also find information about “The sky is the limit”, our bilingual stream which aims to develop Kandinsky pupils even further, through a wide array of extra curriculum activities such as, international excursions and exchanges, education on citizenship, sports and cultural activities.

Finally you can find information on how we care for and support pupils at Kandinsky College. At Kandinsky College we value maintaining good relations and contact with parents. In the school guide you will find an array of communication channels and consultative bodies which exist in order to do so. At Kandinsky we strive to provide a high standard of education, and to achieve good results when orientated pupils in their first and last years of secondary school. We at Kandinsky College not only see this as our obligation, but as way to measure our quality and this is proclaimed in our school guide. You can find our school guide in the appendix below.

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