Flexible study hours can be used by pupils in their exam year (MAVO 4, HAVO 5, VWO 6). This means that instead of attending their normal planned lessons, exam pupils can choose to work on other subjects such as their profile or their sector assignment. The idea behind flexible study hours is that pupils contribute to their learning path and thus take responsibility for their own actions. This in turn encourages them to be independent and prepares them for further education where this is a required skill. In fact this forms the basis of the reward system of desired behaviour.

Flexible study hour agreements

  • Exam pupils can earn up to two hours of flexible study time per month, as long as they have not been truant or unpunctual (the first flexible study hours are given from the 1st of October).
  • Flexible study hours must be applied for in person at least a day in advance with Martine (who is a member of staff). The pupil will get a flexible study hour card and must notify the teacher.
  • The pupil is not allowed to use the flexible study hour without the teacher’s consent. The signed card must then be returned to Martine who will file the request in Magister (a web portal). Therefore all involved (from teachers to parents) can see exactly which lessons and how pupils’ time is being used as flexible study hours.
  • Unused flexible study hours can be transferred to the next month with a maximum of five hours. A pupil can therefore use a maximum of five saved study hours at one time, but is not allowed to use flexible study hours in a month when they have, for example been truant or late for class. Under these circumstances their saved study hours will be discarded.

Conditions for flexible study hours

  • A flexible study hour cannot be used in an hour before a planned exam.
  • When a pupil has been ill for three days or more, no flexible study hours can be used in that month (though the hours can still be earned).
  • A flexible study hour cannot be used more than once a month for the same lesson.
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