At Kandinsky College we want to create an inviting environment where children feel secure and we work very hard to achieve this. Yet when many people collaborate there is always a possibility that something can go wrong. This is usually solved by talking to one another and sometimes it is necessary for a pupils’ coach or a school counsellor to also become involved.

On the rare occasion that this may fail, parents, pupils and also staff members have the right to make a complaint. In this case the school employs a complaint procedure. The school is affiliated with a regional school complaint commission to ensure that a complaint is taken seriously and when lodged can be done so in confidence. This commission will investigate whether a complaint is justified, report it to the school committee, and give appropriate advice on how to take action.

The complaints commission is not an official appeals bureau and has no power to, for example, influence a teacher’s assessment of a pupil or to reverse a promotion decision taken during a teachers’ meeting.

In the event of sexual misconduct, committed by a pupil or member of staff against a minor, members of staff are required to immediately report this to the school committee. The school committee will then consult with the Grievance Officer who will decide whether to report the incident to the police or Ministry of Justice.

Below you can find documents regarding the complaints procedure and also a complaints form of SGRvN (Schools Group Nijmegen) and the regulations of the regional complaints commission and the graduation appeals committee.

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