At Kandinsky College we differentiate between requesting leave for one day, several days and for short term absence, for example for medical appointments etc.


In certain circumstances the Kandinsky College governors will grant leave during school time. This may be for example to attend a wedding, a holiday within school time or an educational visit concerning further education. The application form (in Dutch) can be found in the appendices below.


Parents must report their son or daughter as being ill daily and before 8.30 a.m. This can be done by telephone on 024 - 359 44 22 or by email to means you must contact the school every day your child is absent by telephone or email. If your child becomes ill at school they have to report to the Attendance Officer who will assess the situation. If in doubt the Attendance Officer will talk to the head of the department and then contact the parents. Pupils who are sent home sick take a ‘going home sick’ note and when they return to school are asked to hand in this note to the Attendance Officer signed by their parents.

In the case where a pupil has regularly registered as being ill, they will be referred to the school physician. The school physician, together with the parents and pupil will then assess the situation by going through different possibilities and look at the management of the pupil’s work load (and capacity).

Short term absence (medical appointments etc.)

Parents must report short-term absence to the school before 8.30 a.m. This can be done by telephone on 024 - 359 44 22 or by email to Short term absence for a medical appointment etc. can also be reported by the pupil in advance to the Attendance Officer, with an appointment card from the specialist or a written letter from their parents.

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