At Kandinsky College we place great importance on good communication with parents and the mentor facilitates this. There are additional ways in which parents can contact the school such as: through the short lesson evening for new first years or ‘bridge class’ parents, drop in evenings as well as a variety of information evenings, which take place throughout the school year. Correspondence with parents is mostly conducted digitally and sent letters can also be found on our website.

Kandinsky College uses the school administration system Magiser and this plays an important role in the communication with pupils and parents/guardians. Parents also have access to information within Magister such as: the diary, pupil’s marks, the register (who is absent and present) and individuals’ contact details.

It is important for Kandinsky College to have a complete picture of their pupils, in order to better guide them when it is needed. It is therefore necessary to register both legitimate and unauthorized absence, and in the appendices below you can find information on how to register your son or daughter as ill or absent.

Our school has an agreement with pupils in cases of unauthorized absence and these can be found here .

Many of our parents are active volunteers at Kandinsky College or are participates of consultative bodies. You also can get involved at school by becoming a member of the MR (the parent advisory council), parent council or parent panel or by participating in the The Production or our annual Fancy Fair.

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