Kandinsky College receives an annual grant from the Ministry of Education for educational related costs. This does not, however include the following:

  • special activities such as the introduction, celebrations, the graduation ceremony, cultural performances, music evenings, the musical, going to the cinema, sports tournaments, foreign exchanges and school parties;
  • additional insurance for accidents;
  • the Kandinsky News;

In the past the extra costs listed above were charged separately, however implementing this proved very time consuming and also entailed extra administrative costs. It was therefore decided that the parental contribution should be a set annual fee of € 58. Parents with two children attending the school are not required to pay for any additional children.

Though the parental contribution is voluntary, parents will be charged for any services used or activities participated in by the pupil if they do not contribute the annual cost. This includes excursions, which again will be billed separately.

Parents of pupils in bilingual education mavo 1 and mavo 2, havo and vwo pay € 450 in addition to the parental contribution of € 58. This amount pays for foreign exchanges, excursions and native speakers.
The extra costs for bilingual education in mavo 3 (2019-2020) are € 335. The extra costs for bilingual education in mavo 4 (2019-2020) are € 200.

If these additional costs effect the possibility of a pupil being able to participate in activities, appropriate arrangements can be made after a consultation with the Principal.

On the page Kosten op een rij you can find a cost overview of all years.

Payment of parental contributions

Parental contributions and other contributions for activities are collected via WIS Collect, our payment system. On our website you will find detailed information about WIS Collect en also a videoinstruction. You will receive a request for payment via email and a link to WIS Collect. This link is specific for Kandinsky College Nijmegen.

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