Kandinsky College uses a school book supplier and has a contract with the firm Iddink. Parents can order textbooks for free through this firm. To order books please go to www.iddink.nl. Parents are however asked to pay a deposit of € 75.00. When the books are returned in good condition, in which they were delivered, this amount will be refunded. Books that are ordered in plenty of time i.e. before the summer holidays begin, will be delivered at the end of the summer holiday, to you at home. You can return books at the end of the school year by handing them in at the Kandinsky College School.

It is also possible to order extra materials through Iddink which are not “free” such as atlases, dictionaries, calculators and the like.

Parents will receive information from Iddink regarding ordering and returning books some time before the summer holidays begin. New pupils receive written information on how to order from the school.

Borrowing textbooks

VThe school purchases, for some subjects, a class set of textbooks. In the following appendix you can find the rules which apply to borrowing textbooks.

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