We work at Kandinsky College with the web portal Magister / ELO. This is a school administration package in Dutch that has a pupil tracking system and an electronic pupil area (ELO), which stores information regarding all of our pupils. Pupils, teachers, parents as well as the administrative staff and care coordinators at Kandinsky College can access this. They can see pupils’ marks, timetables, homework assignments, absence record together with other relevant information regarding management and the pupils. Furthermore, Magister plays an important role in the communication between pupils and parents/guardians. The guide how to use Magister can be find HERE.

Pupils can use this online facility to view: lesson timetables, set homework assignments, other relevant activities, changes to timetables and notifications and marks. In magister it is also possible to see the register (who is present and absent), view administrative data and finally have access digital lesson materials through ELO (Electronic Learning Environment).

Parents also have access to some of the given information within the system, such as the diary, pupil’s marks, the register (who is present and absent) and are also able to view information like individuals’ contact details. Magister is accessible with the provided login data at kandinsky.magister.net and through our website.

User Rules Magister

At Kandinsky College we have drawn up some rules of use for Magister. These are:

  • The information about homework, tests, etc. in Magister is leading.
  • Pupils are responsible for consulting Magister and keeping a record of what has been arranged (in the diary). Neither pupils nor teachers can rely solely on Magister and claim that homework was not set.
  • Pupils must not only depend on what has be written in Magister but must make sure they are informed of any homework or other work set outside of this.
  • Pupils must complete the homework set in Magister; even when they were not present in class, they still have to find time to do their homework.

Magister web portal

At Kandinsky College we use Magister, an administrative communication system.

As a Kandinsky pupil you are able to do the following things with this system:

  • See your diary (and timetables)
  • See announcements and any changes to the timetable
  • Access any digital lesson material

To Magister (pupils and parents)

To Magister (Kandinsky College staff members)

ELO (Electronic Learning Environment)

In the Kandinsky College ELO you can find:

  • Messages from your mentor and teachers
  • Resources - PTA’s (Exam/Test Programmes and closing)
  • Assignments and extra information about different subjects
  • Study practice pointers
  • Projects
  • Subscription Modules
  • Digital exam training
  • School pictures and video

To go to the Electronical Learning Environment, please click here.

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