The Youth Health Service department at the GGD district for Nijmegen, monitors 0 to 19 year olds development in order to detect any health problems or issues they may have. Kandinsky College has its own school health service team.

The school health service team consists of:

When will the GGD contact Kandinsky pupils?

Year 1
The school nurse will introduce herself and provide information on the role of the school health team at Kandinsky College and how to contact them.

Year 2
A screening will take place where pupils are measured and weighed. It is also possible that a pupil is asked to come in for an appointment with the school nurse, based on the answers they have entered in in the questionnaire.

Year 3 and 4
There is a health check and all Kandinsky pupils have to fill in a digital questionnaire. The results are then processed by the school nurse and all the information is kept confidential. The pupils can then decide if they want to make an appointment with the school nurse. The GGD adhere to the legal requirements associated with dealing with personal data.

If you have any questions you can contact Youth Health Service department.
GGD Gelderland-Zuid
Afd Jeugdgezondheidszorg
Tel: 088-1447111

Privacy and Complaints

The GGD region Nijmegen follows rules regarding the protection of personal data which includes a privacy policy and a complaints procedure.


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