For some pupils extra support and guidance is needed and we therefore have a care team at Kandinsky College.
The team members are:

  • Dorothé Hazenberg
  • Henriette Schuddemat
  • Pam Bralts
  • Renske Hendriks

They, together with the mentor and parents, decide what care is needed in a particular situation. The care team offers extra support when the mentor’s assistance alone is not enough in, for example the following instances:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Social or emotional problems
  • When extra structured support is needed temporarily
  • Organization of group interventions like information and arrangements regarding dyslexia, courses like 'learning-learning ' and information for parents on how to help with homework
  • Training on reducing atychiphobia (fear of failure) and exam nerves, as well as mindfulness


If the support from our care team is insufficient a pupil can be referred to the ZAT (Care - Advice Team Consultation). There is an internal ZAT (IZAT) team at Kandinsky College which consists of a care coordinator, social worker, school nurse and a pupil guide. The mentor is always present when their pupils have a consultation with ZAT. Parents are also notified about the consultation and the advice given. In addition we have an external ZAT team (EZAT) if a second opinion is needed. This EZAT team consist of a care coordinator, social worker, paediatrician, school attendance officer and pupil guide. As with the ZAT mentors are also invited to attend an EZAT consultation, and parents are informed accordingly. The care team actively looks to intervene by ways of a preventative methods

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