What is PBS?

‘Everything you pay attention to grows’ is the basic idea behind Positive Behavioural Support, and we at Kandinsky College therefore encourage and pay attention to desired behavioural patterns. We clearly set out what we expect from our pupils and staff in such areas as safety, respect and responsibility. This desired behaviour is achieved by prompting questions like: How can I keep the break area clean? How do I enter a lessen? How do I deal with a disagreement?

Why PBS?

We opted for using Positive Behaviour Support as a means to create a positive and safe learning environment, as well as a way to develop cohesion and connection within the school. Furthermore PBS creates an environment which offers support to all those involved. Research has shown that PBS has a positive effect in a school by:

  • There being fewer bad behavioural incidents
  • Creating a more peaceful environment
  • Increase in actual class time, thus improving pupils’ learning performance
  • Teachers find work more rewarding

Five key feature of PBS

  • School-wide approach
    During the mentor classes we teach pupils social skills and how we expect them to behave. The behavioural expectations of Kandinsky College apply throughout the school day to pupils and staff, and during school (study) trips.
  • Prevention
    PBS prevents many behavioural problems because we teach and encourage desired behaviour in a positive way.
  • Positive reinforcement
    At Kandinsky College we identify good behaviour and pay less attention to negative behaviour. That is not to say, however, that there are never harsh words spoken between pupils and staff, or that we never give out punishment. Only that by focusing on what is going well a more positive environment is created.
  • Recorded data
    Through research conducted here at Kandinsky College, we are able to determine when to intervene. The results of learnt behaviour patterns are thus measured.
  • Working together with parents and external partners
    Cooperation with parents is vital for the success of PBS. If we, both at school and at home, focus on encouraging positive behaviour there will be an optimal impact on the learning and home environment. Therefore Kandinsky College, along with parents and peripatetic teachers, need to be thinking along the same lines on how to effect the school environment in a positive way.

How does PBS work?

We work with a PBS team at Kandinsky College. In the team are various departments including the care team and the education support personnel. The PBS team systematically collects data and uses this as the basis to monitor, evaluate and direct the process. For more information regarding PBS please contact Wil Boezen

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