It is of utmost importance that our pupils feel at home at Kandinsky College. Therefore we strive to create a comfortable atmosphere and study environment in the classroom. Furthermore this is an important condition to be able to study. Every class is entrusted to a special school teacher and this is their mentor. The mentor plays a pivotal role in guiding the pupils and forms the link between the school and home. In addition they carefully observe each pupil’s grades, play a key role in steering them towards the right choice in further education and career, and lastly address any issues within the class and work together with pupils to try and resolve these.

First point of contact

The mentor is regularly in contact with parents and is in fact often the first point of contact for them. The mentor at Kandinsky College also plays a lead role in organizing extra curriculum activities such as evening outings or excursions. If there is a problem with a pupil the mentor is the first person to talk to them as they know the pupil best.

Mentors stay with their class throughout the first year and continue to be their mentor into the second year. In this way they are able to fully assess pupils and at the end of year 2 better gauge which type of school course at Kandinsky College is most suitable to their capabilities.

One of mentors’ tasks is to recognize when there is a problem and, for example, when things are not going well with a pupil. In this instance a mentor will speak to the pupil directly and, depending on the situation, also talk to their parents or colleagues. If they remain concerned about the situation they will then contact the care team.

Mentor Lessons

In conjunction with subject lessons and self-study time, pupils at Kandinsky College also have mentor hours. During the mentor hour pupils are taught what we, at Kandinsky College expect from one another and also how to treat one another by working with the following values: respect, responsibility and safety. Many different things are dealt with in the weekly mentor class such as guiding pupils on: how to approach homework, how to plan self-study time and also the atmosphere in the classroom and at school. The mentor is also an important contact person for more personal matters.

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