The school’s counsellor for inappropriate behaviour

The school counsellor for inappropriate behaviour works according to The Schools Group Nijmegen Region Complaint Settlement Regulations. Confidentiality and dilligence are of the utmost importance in this role.

The school’s counsellor supports pupils, parents and staff and offers and offers assistance in instances when inappropriate behaviour occurs. This can for example, include discrimination, (sexual) harassment, bullying, aggression and violence. In such a situation the initial starting point would be to see if the issue can be resolved through discussion. However, in some circumstances this does not work or resolve the issue. Pupils and parents can therefore proceed by firstly; involving the mentor, the head of department and then finally the vice principal or principal. A Social Safety Co-ordinator can also assist in situations such as bullying.

For issues regarding inappropriate behaviour, such as sexual harassment or when a situation cannot be resolved by two parties, please contact our school counsellors Mr Pieter Engels or Ms Wil Boezen.

External counsellor and counsellor integrity

The external counsellor and counsellor integrity is Ms Jacqueline Pulles.
You can contact her by telephone 06 - 25 24 10 77 and e-mail

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