Kandinsky College offers pupils extra study guidance after school through the organisation Study Tutoring Nijmegen. This is done on site and aims to, among other things, help Kandinsky pupils to better organise and plan their homework. It includes techniques such as working ahead; catching up on work; repeating, practising and going over work (brushing up); planning and organising of work and finally improving study and exam skills. Study Tutoring Nijmegen works on the premise that pupils want to improve their grades and aims to help pupils to develop a positive self-image.


There are several different modules to choose from that can be tailored to the pupil’s development process and his or her needs. The most appropriate study guidance method and plan of action is decided upon after consulting with parents and pupil. The action plan can be adjusted where necessary and regularly evaluated with parents, to aid pupil’s further development. Personal coaches aim to create a pleasant atmosphere where cooperation, accessibility and approachability, for both the parents and the teachers/mentors at the school, is central. In addition; reporting and evaluating the pupil, appointments at school to discuss the pupil, the pupil tracking system, tailor made work for the pupil, email contact and advice, are all also offered.

Study tutoring opening times at Kandinsky College:

Every afternoon from 2:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

In exam weeks where possible it will planned around the exams. During the shortened lesson timetable it will be scheduled after the last lesson.


You can register by telephone or email.
Telephone: 024 - 344 87 28
Email: info@studiebegeleidingnijmegen.nl.
Parents are invited by Study Tutoring Nijmegen to an acquaintance interview, and your son or daughter is also asked to be present. For more information visit: www.studiebegeleidingnijmegen.nl.

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