Are you a parent of a year 8, a new ‘bridge class’ or Kandinsky pupil? Then you can find all the practical information you need to know about Kandinsky College right here. You can find for example, the school pamphlet which gives more information about the school itself, the school calendar, school holidays and term times, as well as the lesson timetable. At Kandinsky we usually work with a 60 minute lesson timetable, however we sometimes work with a 50 minute lesson timetable on Thursdays and at specialised designated times.

Pupils and employees can log into Magister here, to see their lesson timetable and also to log into their Kandinsky email account.

So how does Kandinsky College support and guide you? Here you can find all the information you need to know about the mentors, the dean and the care team at Kandinsky College. One important aspect of the support and guidance that Kandinsky College cultivates is Positive Behaviour Support or PBS. Here we clearly set out what the school’s behaviour expectations are and also explain Positive Behaviour Support.

Furthermore as parents you can also find out important information regarding parents letters, parents evening, how to register your child as sick or absent and how to ask for leave of absence for your child.

Under practical information you can find further content about education costs, including parental contribution, books and the payment system WIS Collect. Kandinsky College works with the firm Iddink for ordering books and again you can find out about the process of ordering books here. Detailed information can also be found regarding: the student charter, the minimum requirement of marks needed to pass, the transitional year rules and rules regarding working through each school year which apply at Kandinsky College.

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