Kandinsky College believes it is very important that pupils are taught how to become global citizens. We have therefore spearheaded Citizenship Education (formerly known as non-profit/voluntary placement).

What is Citizenship Education?

Kandinsky College aims to introduce pupils to various aspects and components that make up a society through Citizenship Education. One feature of this is that pupils learn to do something for someone else, without the prospect of immediately receiving something in return. In this way Kandinsky College tries to increase participation and the involvement of young people in society. This in turn contributes to the development of a pupil’s social skills, whilst also helping them become aware of norms and values in society. Moreover it shows them how to become an active citizen.

Third year

In the third year all pupils at Kandinsky College, preferably during the activity days, will become acquainted with various aspects of Citizenship Education. Parents will receive information regarding this accordingly.

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