Personal Development

Kandinsky College is not only concerned with developing pupils’ knowledge and skills throughout the final years of senior education vwo, but also their personal development. There are five important ideals to strive for and these are: to become more inquisitive, professional, open minded, honest and courteous. These form the basis of nurturing a pupil’s intrinsic motivation to realise their talents, as well as helping them to acknowledge their role in the world community. If we can strive to do all of the above better than we have done in the past, then surely this will create a much better world in say 10 years’ time?


In vwo years 5 and 6 work is done on the Academic Profile. Pupils receive a certificate, together with the Kandinsky College final report, with information on how they have worked towards reaching the ideals as mentioned above. In this way vwo-pupils are able to gain a better insight into their personal development. It is also makes for an excellent addition to their portfolio.

For more information about the Academic Portfolio at vwo please contact David Rous

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