At Kandinsky College we guide our pupils into becoming young, involved world citizens who learn to take responsibility for themselves. Moreover pupils learn how to develop and maximise their abilities. Kandinsky College exemplifies high quality education within a positive learning environment. We offer regular and bilingual education and we are a recognised as a Bèta Excellent school. Kandinsky College looks towards the future and strives to develop 21st century skills.


  • Inspiring learning culture

Kandinsky College advocates an inspiring learning environment where pupils and staff alike strive to better themselves. They are encouraged to push the boundaries both inside and outside of the curriculum. Kandinsky College is a school where pupils endeavour to do more than what is just necessary; it is a school which achieves good results. We strive for educational excellence and to successfully stream pupils, when starting and leaving our school. We offer a comprehensive education which centres on global citizenship and bèta education (the sciences and mathematics). We also encourage pupils and staff to reflect on their actions and be responsible for their own development. Finally we invest much time in the development and professionalisation of our staff.

  • Learning without borders

At Kandinsky College we are fully aware of the rapidly changing world in which we live, and we realise how important it is to prepare pupils fully for this world. In every department we therefore work on providing varied and active education, which is centred on knowledge, skills and attitude. Moreover we put great emphasis on developing 21st century skills. There are two learning routes at Kandinsky College: bilingual education and regular education. Both learning routes offer the opportunity to learn foreign languages at a high level. Whilst learning a language pupils also get the chance to collaborate with pupils from our partner schools abroad, take part in foreign exchanges and in special projects and activities both inside and outside school.

  • Learning together, working together, living together

Everybody at Kandinsky College can feel at home whilst working and learning together, in fact this is our strength as a school. At Kandinsky College we like to see pupils, parents, staff and the surrounding area connecting with one another. We invite all those concerned to actively work together towards the further development and improvement of our school. Kandinsky College has chosen to implement the Positive Behaviour Support system which creates a positive and safe learning environment. We continually look for ways to maintain cohesion and connection in our school. In this way we can also help pupils to become more acquainted with how to be an active citizen.

  • Transparency and overview

We at Kandinsky College have a clear and complete overview of the school and all the pupils within it. In order to be able to do this we have divided the school into two (smaller) parts. Furthermore, we work on providing effective and efficient education and support.

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