Kandinsky College is part of the Academic Teaching Academy Passion for Learning. This is a collaboration between:

  • Schools Group Nijmegen Region
  • Udens College
  • Metameer
  • Institute for Teacher and School (Instituut voor Leraar en School)
  • Radboud Teacher Academy (Radboud Docenten Academie)

Together with these educational institutes, Kandinsky College shapes learning and professional development for pupils and teachers alike.


Every year Kandinsky College welcomes about sixty students from ILS (Institute for Teacher and School) and Radboud University for an internship at our school. We offer an inspiring learning environment, where students are able develop and enhance their skills. The skill of teaching a lesson is, for the most part, learnt by doing and our education team and School Practice for Teachers (Schoolpracticum Docenten) coach and guide students throughout their internship. Furthermore, students also learn from one another and from subject teachers.


Fourth year Bachelor and Master students from the HAN (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) conduct practical research studies at Kandinsky College. This research study is supervised by the General Research Mentor (Algemeen Begeleider Onderzoek) and our education team, and it is their job to help students find a suitable topic for their research. The research study is directly connected to the educational practices of Kandinsky College and this is in fact how we learn from one another.

New teachers

We have a number of teachers who have been trained to coach new teachers and help them to quickly familiarise themselves with Kandinsky College. They also support tenured teachers if and when required. New teachers at Kandinsky College are thus not only coached and supported by the subject department group during their first and second year, but also by these coaches.

Professional Development

We strongly believe in lifelong learning at Kandinsky College, not only for our pupils but also for our staff. We therefore work, alongside Passion for Learning, on shaping the professional development of our employees.

If you would to know more about Passion for Learning please visit www.passievoorleren.eu

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