Kandinsky College is recognized as an internationally-minded school. We have, for example offered a bilingual stream since 1997, yet our international orientation comprises of more than just the bilingual stream. We have also been an Elos school since 2007 and pupils at our school can obtain an Elos certificate. Elos stands for European Learning Environment at School. In fact we work, together with some 30 schools across the Netherlands, with the European Platform at shaping Elos education.

Why Elos?

Kandinsky College seeks to give its pupils a broader view of the world and prepare them for a future, in which cooperation between different countries and cultures is common. It is therefore important that pupils develop their intercultural awareness. In order to achieve this Kandinsky College offers a diverse programme of activities focused on European and international orientation.

What is Elos?

Elos stands for European Learning Environment at School. Elos schools focus on internationalisation in three ways:

1. Language

All Elos pupils have to master at least two modern foreign languages at a high level. This is achieved by taking advanced lessons in English, French and/or German. Pupils then prepare for following internationally recognised exams: Goethe for German, Delf for French and Anglia for English.

2. Intercultural experiences

There are a number of intercultural experiences included in the Elos programme such as: a foreign exchange, an excursion or a study trip, as well as building international contacts. Every pupil will participate in at least one trip abroad during their time at Kandinsky College.

3. Knowledge

Knowledge is necessary to understand the world. Consequently, pupils taking the Elos programme have European Studies, where they learn about the political history of Europe and the European Union. Moreover, Kandinsky College also aims to improve pupils’ knowledge of the world, by incorporating themes such as globalization and international orientation in relevant subject lessons.

For more information about Elos and the European Platform please visit: https://www.epnuffic.nl/

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