In the Netherlands some 250 schools have been accredited as a Bèta Excellent school. Bèta Excellent aims to get more pupils interested in the sciences and to encourage them to get the best out of themselves. Kandinsky College is a Bèta Excellent school.

Why bèta excellent?

Kandinsky College aims to foster critical thinking skills in its pupils and to familiarise them with the various aspects of science or ‘bèta’ education, as well as the connections between the different branches of science. In this way we can also prepare pupils for further education.

How do we do that?

We pay much attention to bèta excellence through a continuous bèta curriculum, from year 1 through to the final exam year, and this applies to all science subjects.

Bridge Class

Pupils’ interest in science is aroused during the first year or bridge class at Kandinsky College through rudimentary lessons in physics, chemistry and engineering. This helps pupils to prepare for the second and third year, when physics and chemistry are taught as separate subjects. Pupils work according to the principles of inquiry-based learning during lessons in science, biology and design.


Pupils can choose to take a science programme in mavo 3 and 4, at Kandinsky College. They can also take a number of additional modules in areas such as robotics and programming. Alongside this pupils have extra lessons in mathematics, physics and chemistry. This science programme prepares pupils for further education in either vocational education at the ROC or havo education.


After finishing year 3 havo/vwo at Kandinsky College, pupils will be required to choose a profile. When choosing for example the nature profile, pupils will be able to take the subject ‘nlt’ (nature, life and technology). In ‘nlt’ they can apply their knowledge of all the branches of science and will learn about modern technologies in areas such as medicine, agriculture or aerospace. In year 5 and 6 vwo some of the ‘nlt’ classes are taken at Radboud University.

All Kandinsky College’s pupils at havo and vwo have cross curricular lessons within their profile from year 4 onwards. In the nature profiles, they learn more about the relationship between the different branches of science. Lastly pupils will delve deeper into areas such as astronomy, virology or bioinformatics by attending master classes.

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