Kandinsky College is part of the Schools Group Nijmegen Region (SGRvN), a foundation with a board of governors and a supervisory committee. The following schools fall under the board:

The chair of governors Mr Hans Schapenk and schools directors handle the daily management of SGRvN. Together they form the SGRvN governors team.

School Group Nijmegen Region Code of Conduct

SGRvN believe it to be paramount that the organisation is conducted ethically and that those who work with them can place their trust and confidence in their organisation and its employees. The rules regarding trust and acting with integrity are outlined in the code of conduct. The framework which formulates the code of conduct aims to create and good, safe and stimulating school environment. Moreover, it aims to create an environment where employees and pupils show respect for one another, and where employees are conscious of upholding professional integrity. This code of conduct is applied to all schools within the schools group and you can find the code of conduct on the SGRvN website.

For more information about Schools Group Nijmegen Region please visit www.sgrvn.nl

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