Like other schools in the Netherlands, Kandinsky College has a Participation Council or MR (Medezeggenschapsraad). The MR deliberates over policy making and the direction and implementation of the education provided by Kandinsky College. Though the board of directors are primarily responsible for policy making by law, pupils, staff and parents are all entitled to voice their opinions on these matters. The reason for this is that the execution of these policies can often have a large impact on them. Therefore their involvement is stipulated by the Participation law - WMS (wet op de medezeggenschap).

Kandinsky College’s Collective Participation Council or GMR (Gemeenschappelijke Medezeggenschapsraad) is part of the Schools Group Nijmegen Region. All the schools within this group are represented by the GMR. The council has the right to agree and advise on matters that extend beyond the schools’ policies.

Kandinsky College’s Participation Council Malderburchtstraat or DMR consists of twelve members and has the right to consent and to advise on policy issues that concern their Malderburchtstraat location.

Members DMR
Tom Willems Chairman DMR
Dries van den Elzen Deputy chairman DMR
Marieke van de Rijt secretary DMR
Roxanne Theunissen
Fred Beker

Supporting staff


  • René Boes
  • Stefan de Haes
  • John Hendriks


  • Britt Edwards
  • Pim Mattijssen
  • Emma Hoogers

Minutes Secretary

  • Mart Meijer
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