The student council regularly meets with the Kandinsky College board to discuss matters that are important to our pupils. In addition, the student council helps to organise different events such as the Fancy Fair and the Open Day at Kandinsky College.


The student council is made up of pupils from classes 1 to 6. Below is an overview of the student council’s members.

Pieter van den Dries v5 chairman / member MR
Britt Edwards v6 member / member MR
Irene Harts h5 member / member MR
Jim Hiddink v5 member / member GMR
Bart Arends h4 member
Yasmine van Berkel v5 member
Hélène Bruls v5 member
Sümeya Bulut v6 member
Anmara Dijkstra v4 member
Floor Edwards v4 member
Marit Jansen h5 member
Vera Klaver v5 member
Noa Kremers v6 member
Isa Lampe h4 member
Dylan Levi t2 member
Martin van Rooij v3 member
Gitte Rovers h5 member
Anthe Scheurs v5 member
Joep Sips v5 member
Ibrahim Warsame t1 member
Senyre Wijnen v5 member
Lisa Wise t2 member

Like to become a member?

If you would like to become a member or if you have a question, please send an email to: or you can just stop and speak to one of the members in the hallway at school.


The National Action Committee for Students (LAKS) is an organisation created by and for students. LAKS organises all sorts of activities for students and also notifies and represents them. You can also contact LAKS when you have questions about exams, participation or school rules.

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