The Blue Rider signifies unbridled optimism and belief in a beautiful future for all of our pupils. Our foundation’s name is a reference to Wassily Kandinsky, whom our school is named after. Wassily Kandinsky was one of the pioneers and founders of abstract art.

Additional learning opportunities at Kandinsky College

In recent years Kandinsky College has worked on creating additional learning opportunities for pupils who are able, and want to do more. These include curriculums such as bilingual education; external language examinations for French, German and English; and co-curriculum activities such as, excursions and foreign exchanges to promote internationalisation. All of the above are possible at mavo, havo and vwo level and are charged at an extra cost. It has, however, in the last couple of years become apparent that some parents are not able to meet these costs.

Financial support for Kandinsky College pupils

Developing a child’s talent should not be dependent on a parent’s financial situation and it is for this reason that Kandinsky College has created The Blue Rider foundation. This foundation aims to financially support pupils at Kandinsky College (location) Malderburchtstraat, when their personal situation is not able to provide them with the possibilities they need to fully develop themselves.

The foundation works closely with Kandinsky College and raises funds through various activities. The Foundation for Study Funds Nijmegen (Stichting Studiefonds Nijmegen) and the Rabobank Nijmegen Region (Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen) have both generously contributed to our foundation.


You can also play a role in giving Kandinsky College pupils more opportunities by donating to the foundation. All donations are welcome and appreciated. The Blue Rider Foundation has an ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation) statute.

You can also support The Blue Rider by buying your books at YouBeDo, go to YouBeDo sells books at the same price as any other online bookshop, yet it donates 10 per cent of the total amount to a charity of your choice.


The renowned artist Ronald Tolman has designed two etchings exclusively for the foundation: The Blue Rider and The Sky is the Limit (three-coloured etchings, 28 x 39 cm, from a 250 collection). Every etching is numbered and signed by the artist. Donors who transfer €95 will receive one of these etchings and for €175 you can have them both.

You can make a contribution by bank transfer to IBAN NL47RABO0188618910 in the name of Stichting De Blauwe Ruiter. When you donate €95 please state which etching, by title, you would like to receive. Please also give the address where you would like the etching(s) delivered to.


The Blue Rider foundation has been able to aid many pupils and parents. Applications for financial support are submitted to the Kandinsky College school board. You can find more information regarding school subsidies for school costs here.

Would you like more information about The Blue Rider? Please contact us at

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