Kandinsky College’s recognized accreditation as an ‘Excellent School’, which it has received over the past few years, has enabled the school to participate in the ‘unrestricted rule for schools’ pilot. The ministry of education has allowed certain schools to be exempt from following examination rules, when it is beneficial to the quality of education it offers and/or improves efficiency. This pilot allows our school to offer partial examination certificates as of the school year 2016-2017.

Pupils can sit a part of the official curriculum exams. This means that it is for example, possible for pupils who have failed their exams to only re-sit final exams in the subjects they have failed. In this way, school can be combined with work or further education. It is also possible to attain a higher mark and receive a better diploma. The chances in a selection procedure (for higher education) can thus be improved. Pupils can also sit one (or more) extra exams to qualify for an additional profile, which can present even more opportunities in further education.

More information about Partial Examination Certificates can be found in the memo and the PowerPoint appendices below.

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