In the third year you will have to choose a profile. In the fourth year of havo and vwo you will delve deeper into subjects connected to your chosen profile, as well as developing a skill set to match them. All of the above takes place during the profile block lessons. Each period you will be taught by a different teacher and will work on fascinating subjects. Alongside this you will also work on developing relevant skills. Whilst working on your profile block you will discover which skills and qualities you possess. You can apply theses skills to all the subjects within your chosen profile at Kandinsky College. In fact, these are invaluable skills when studying in further education such as at HBO or at University.

Profile block Culture & Social Studies and Economy

The most important skills which you will develop in these profile blocks are:

  • How to form research questions
  • How to execute research
  • How to write a good paper or formulate an argument
  • How to given a presentation

These profile blocks are centred on current affairs by examining issues such as: What is happening in the Middle East? Does Europe have too much or actually too little power? Is everything that we see and read in the news really true or are we just being manipulated? You will learn how to form and present your own opinion in the most effective way on these important subject matters. This will help you to develop essential and important 21st century skills like how to debate, present and analyse.

Profile blocks Nature & Health and Nature & Engineering

The following subjects are included in the profile blocks for NG/NT profile:

  • Science notation (using information from Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • How to conduct scientific research and how to compile a report
  • How to work in Excel
  • Measuring with sensors
  • Technical design
  • Scientific reasoning (vwo-5)
  • Bioinformatics (vwo-5)


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