At Kandinsky College we think it is important that you learn about the world around you as much as possible. In the bilingual stream we teach you how to develop an open mind to the world. If you travel a lot, you learn a lot about other cultures and that is why we have exchanges and study trips abroad. We teach several subjects through English so your English will develop rapidly which is necessary in a society that becomes more global every year. Bilingual education is offered at mavo, havo and vwo level.

Subjects taught through English

In year one of mavo/havo the following subjects are taught through English: English 1 and 2, music, art, physical education, biology and geography.

In year one of havo/vwo and vwo even more subjects are taught through English: English 1 and 2, geography, history, biology, art, music, science, religious studies and physical education.


It is important that you are motivated for the bilingual stream. It does not matter how much English was taught at primary school. It is important that you are a motivated student, because that is needed if you want to be successful in the bilingual stream. The curriculum is challenging but you get a lot in return. We also give you feedback on your development using attitude marks.This feedback helps you to remain successful in the bilingual stream. Both your grades and attitude marks determine whether or not you can go to the next year. 

Next to a mavo, havo or vwo advice from your primary school it is also important that you are good at comprehensive reading, since many of your books are in English.


Bilingual education is more costly than non bilingual education. We ask an extra fee for: extra education, exams, certificates, exchanges and study trips.
The fee for school year 2019-2020 is € 450 for mavo 1 and mavo 2, havo/vwo and vwo. The fee for school year 2019-2020 is € 335 for mavo 3 and € 200 for mavo 4. 

If you want more information you can contact Rob Janssen, head of the bilingual departement, of one of our coordinators Deirdre van Ree (havo/vwo and vwo) or Elize van Klink and Menno Lecocq (mavo).

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