There are four profiles for senior mavo education at Kandinsky College and these are:

  • Engineering
  • Economy
  • Care and Welfare
  • Green (Nature and the Environment)

Half way through the third year you will have to choose one of these four profiles. However, you do not have to make this decision on your own as your mentor and the dean will help you. To assist you in making the right profile choice, Kandinsky College uses There are two mandatory exam subjects for each sector. Alongside this students sit the compulsory Dutch and English exams, together with two subjects of their choice. Students therefore have a total of six national exams. You will start exam preparations for some subjects in year 3. The school examinations finish in year 4 after which you will sit the national written exams.


Autonomy, responsibility, planning your study and collaboration are key skills which are central to learning and the lessons at Kandinsky College. In fact these are essential skills to have in order to pass mavo and gain a diploma, and also to successfully complete further education.

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