The havo stream at Kandinsky College prepares pupils for further higher education (hbo). Pupils can also move up and continue to the vwo stream after havo. In secondary senior havo you will naturally do the subjects that you have chosen. However, it is also possible to further your efforts by taking profile blocks, master classes and by, for example, taking Entrepreneurial havo.

Profile blocks

Profile blocks are introduced to the timetable in year 4 havo. These are weekly classes that are used to do profile related activities and in fact these classes help to ensure more cohesion in your profile. Examples of profile blocks for students who choose for a Societal profile are ‘Media’ or ‘Globalisation’. For a Science profile you may choose ‘Research Skills’ or ‘Bioinformatics’ as a profile block. During the profile block classes there is also time to work on preparing for the final profile paper (pws).

Master class

You will take a master class in secondary senior havo, at Kandinsky College. You can choose which master class you would like to take from a list. These master classes include very interesting topics such as Philosophy, Astronomy, Chinese or you can delve into American History.

Advanced language education havo

Kandinsky College offers pupils in secondary senior havo advanced language education which includes: Goethe for German and Anglia for English.

Entrepreneurial havo

Pupils who have signed up for Entrepreneurial havo at Kandinsky College follow a lesson programme that teaches them how to think, and act like an entrepreneur. Pupils work within a digital learning environment and learn techniques through play, both in the classroom and digitally. They are encouraged to make their own choices and be responsible.

Bèta Excellent

Kandinsky College is an accredited Bèta Excellent school and we therefore pay a lot of attention to Science subjects. One example of this is the possibility for havo pupils to take the subject NLT (Nature, Life and Technology). This class is taught in one of our modern and well equipped science labs. Furthermore, pupils in the bilingual stream, who have had bilingual classes for three years can, in the second phase of havo and vwo, begin preparing for the final English International Baccalaureate (IB) exam.

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