At Kandinsky College you can choose between five different types of bridge classes.

  • mavo/havo
  • bilingual mavo/havo
  • havo/vwo
  • bilingual havo/vwo
  • bilingual vwo

You can read more about these classes below.


Internationalisation is a focal point in mavo/havo classes at Kandinsky College and it is for this reason that some subjects are in English, such as Music, Design, Arts, and Physical Education. After the second year at Kandinsky College you can then choose whether you want to continue with the bilingual mavo stream. As well as focusing on the English language, we also strive to develop an inquisitive mind and this is achieved through subjects such as Science and Design.


In the havo/vwo classes at Kandinsky College you will have every opportunity to develop your talents. So alongside Science and Design you will, in the first year, also take some specialised subjects. These include Chinese and Ancient Civilisation (in preparation for gymnasium). The latter two subjects are optional in year 2. If you continue with these it is also possible to sit final exams in these subjects at Kandinsky College. During the activity days at Kandinsky College you will work on international projects, visit museums and you will literally cross borders.

Bilingual havo/vwo and bilingual vwo

Half of all subjects in the bilingual bridge classes at Kandinsky College are taught in English. This means that you will work towards reaching a near native level. In fact from day one at Kandinsky College, you will speak English to your teachers and to each other. Your books and tests will, for the most part, also be in English. You might feel a bit overwhelmed with all of this, but don’t worry you will get used to it very quickly.

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