At Kandinsky College we have a two year ‘bridge period’. On the basis of your primary school’s recommendation you will be placed in one of Kandinsky College’s ‘bridge classes’: mavo/havo, bilingual mavo/havo, havo/vwo, bilingual havo/vwo or bilingual vwo. We use this bridge period to see which level of education is best suited to you. A team of mentors and teachers who teach first and second year pupils, along with the department heads, are responsible for this process. The head of department for mavo, havo and vwo is Ms Jasmina Schattenberg. Every two weeks mentors meet with the department head to discuss pupils and the course of events which have occurred during the bridge period.

The first year

The two year bridge period at Kandinsky College gives you a chance to become better acquainted with the school. It also gives you time to find out which type of education is best suited to you. Your mentor plays an important role in this process, and you will see them every week during the mentor class. He or she will also strive to create a good atmosphere in the classroom. In the first year the mentor class will mainly deal with practical issues (like ‘How do I print a document?’ or ‘Where is my locker?’). Besides this, your mentor will guide you through your studies, for example by focussing on study skills. Moreover, your mentor at Kandinsky College is your confidant, so if there is anything wrong or if you want to talk about something personal you can talk to your mentor.

The second year

In the second year of the bridge period at Kandinsky College you will begin to consider the following important question: Which level is best suited to you and fits your capabilities and interests? As mentors usually remain with the same class throughout the first and second year, they are able to really get to know you and your parents. This means they can help you decide, along with your parents and the department head, which type of education is best for you; whether it be mavo, havo, vwo or the bilingual stream, either with or without Latin and Greek. In the second year you and your mentor will work towards making the right choice for you.

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