01 - Does Kandinsky College only provide bilingual education?
No. You can also do regular MAVO, HAVO, VWO and Gymnasium education. But it is also possible to do bilingual MAVO, HAVO, VWO and Gymnasium education. We will also provide bilingual MAVO in the school year 2017-2018.

02 - Can you be eliminated by a lottery?
We do not know that beforehand. There have been a few instances where we have had to use a lottery system, but for most years this has not been the case. We will try to avoid using a lottery this year as well.

03 - When can I apply?
As soon as the information is made available; you can find this by going to ‘Apply > Placement procedure first year pupils’ on our website.

04 - How many pupils attend Kandinsky College?
Our school has about 1500 pupils in the school year 2017-2018.

05 - Is there a minimum CITO score that you have to score to be accepted?
The 8th Grade teacher’s advice is most important, as we assume your teacher knows you well enough to advise accordingly. After the results of the CITO test are known, we will check to see if the teacher’s advice matches the CITO score.

06 - Do you have to be able to speak a little English in order to attend bilingual education?
Not at all. The most important thing is that you are motivated and eager to learn. We start communicating in English from day one and this is called immersion. You will learn by practising.

07 - Can I be in the same class as my friend from the 8th Grade?
You will receive an application form when you are accepted and on it you can state who you would like to be with in your class. We will always try to take account of your preference.

08 - Will I get a lot of homework?
With secondary school comes homework, although one class may have more homework then another. On average pupils spend about 1.5 to 2 hours a day on their homework. Homework consists of learning and refining.

09 - What is a mentor?
The mentor is your class teacher and you will see him/her for a couple of hours each week. Your mentor will help you with learning how to plan your homework; he/she will make sure that there is always a comfortable and nice class atmosphere to work in; and he/she will help you whenever you have a problem. The mentor is also the first point of contact for parents.

10 - Can I visit the school?
Of course! You are most welcome to visit us on the Open Day, every year in February.  Furthermore you are also invited to the “shortened classes’ afternoon”, also every year in February. During this afternoon you can attend a couple of short classes, to become acquainted with our school and you can also attend a class given in English.

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