Kandinsky College exemplifies quality education, in a comfortable, safe and positive learning environment, where you can fully develop your skills and talents. We offer regular and bilingual education for MAVO, HAVO, Athenaeum and Gymnasium. Bilingual education is a challenging learning route, in which up to half of all classes are taught in English during the first three years, and culminates in your final year with the 'International Baccalaureate Exam'.

Additional Possibilities

If you would like to add to your learning possibilities you can, for example combine Gymnasium or Chinese with bilingual education. You can also benefit from additional possibilities such as learning various languages at a high level. With us, you can begin to lay the foundation for becoming a young entrepreneur or realize your potential as a young researcher.


At Kandinsky College we teach you to see beyond boarders as a world citizen. We focus much of our time and give special attention to international themes, making foreign contacts, travelling abroad and student exchanges. As a pupil you will also learn how to push your own boundaries through our extensive curriculum and extracurricular activities. In short Kandinsky College is a school for: young researchers, young entrepreneurs and world citizens in the making.

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